John and Chie's Wedding in Japan

Shinkansen - John and Chie's Wedding in Japan


Wednesday 6th December 2006

A few pictures taken on the Shinkansen between Tokyo and Hiroshima, including (just about) a few shots of Mt. Fuji peeping through the clouds.

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15:43:03 A practice shot - we're not yet at the point where you can see Fuji san.

16:02:13 Well, believe it or not Fuji-san is now in view, although it is almost impossible to distinguish the summit from the surrounding clouds.

16:02:19 Hopefully a bit clearer here, with the benefit of some zooming.

16:02:24 I quite like the effect of these chimneys against the backdrop of the sky (although am of course concerned about what they're doing to the surrounding air quality!).

16:02:59 Lots of electricity pylons in this shot as well.

16:03:07 You can see the summit fairly clearly here, towering above this factory (or warehouse or whatever it is).

16:03:15 This is possibly the clearest shot.