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Out and About with Lorenzo

Posted on 2006/12/02 13:08:28 (December 2006).

[Saturday 2nd December]
Spent the daytime out and about with Lorenzo in Shinjuku. We had lunch at Al Dente, the usual spaghetti place, then wandered around for a bit, vaguely shopping. First off the standard Bic Camera (a chain of electrical goods stores here in Japan), then after that a few clothes shops. Oh and along the way we managed to fit in a cup of tea and a slice of cake, which was very civilised (the conversation we had at the time, however, wasn't).

Our tour of retail establishments eventually brought us to Zara - and - oops - it just so happens that this place is opposite an Irish pub. Apparently Lorenzo has had something of a craving for Guinness of late, and it was clearly the polite thing to do for me to assist him in satisfying that craving.

Chie joined us a bit later on (having gone to bed some time after 6AM, she'd naturally wanted to sleep in a bit), and the three of us went for dinner together. We decided on a kaiten sushi place which was nothing particularly out of the ordinary but fairly passable. Then after that we did a bit more shopping, and took a quick tour of the illuminations near the South exit of Shinjuku station, which were jolly nice. We rounded off the day out with some ice cream, and then as we were all a bit tired decided to call it a day around 8PM.

Comment 1

That man Lorenzo badly needs a shave!
And what were you both doing in the street, posing equivocally?

Posted by Sheri at 2006/12/02 13:15:48.

Comment 2

Good that you guys got to meet up eventually!! :) Pretty impressive Christmas decorations there...!

Posted by Nigel at 2006/12/02 13:23:25.

Comment 3

Yes the fact that I might not be able to go at the wedding is a major setback and I know that John will hate me forever because of it... :( But still the day was good, I hope that we can meet again before i leave!

Posted by Lox at 2006/12/02 13:32:17.

Comment 4

Just testing I haven't broken comment posting...

Posted by John at 2006/12/04 02:58:15.

Comment 5

What are you trying to implement my dear?

Posted by Lox at 2006/12/04 03:34:00.

Comment 6

Nothing major at the moment, I'm just trying to shuffle files around a bit so I don' have to make each change multiple times (some files which are basically identical are duplicated under /john, /lox, /nigel, /sheri and /travis). the way, did you modify any of the files under /lox/sbm/xsl ...? I'm thinking of moving some or all of them to the common directory, as I think we're all basically using the same files.

Posted by John at 2006/12/04 04:21:45.

Comment 7

I love optimizations and rationalizations! Go John, go!!

Posted by Lox at 2006/12/04 08:13:24.

Comment 8

All of my quesitnos settledĀ—thanks!

Posted by Azia at 2011/06/22 14:30:17.

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