Tokyo December 2006

Lorenzo Shinjuku - Tokyo December 2006

Lorenzo Shinjuku

Saturday 2nd December 2006

A day out in and around Shinjuku with Lorenzo.

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14:25:09 Lorenzo looking a bit Kurt Cobain-esque, taken whilst the two of us were having a cup of tea and a bit of cake.

15:04:38 Lorenzo standing on the bridge at Shinjuku Southern Terrace, with the Docomo tower in the background.

17:44:29 An oddly clandestine looking picture of Chie and Lorenzo emmerging from an am/pm.

18:14:03 Dinner was at this Kaiten Sushi place in Shinjuku.

18:54:18 Back to Shinjuku Southern Terrace again, where the festive illuminations were rather nice.

18:54:41 I think I was trying to get Lorenzo to pick me up, but it ended up looking more like some kind of wrestling move.

18:54:46 seems we weren't all that good at staying still for the picture.

18:56:12 Just so you know where (and when) we were.

18:57:34 More illuminations...

18:57:47 ....with Chie jumping into shot.

18:57:52 ...and again.

19:25:34 Finally we rounded off the evening with some Gelato.