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Yorkshire Puddings

Posted on 2006/11/26 13:31:21 (November 2006).

[Sunday 26th November]
I think I probably did speak a bit too soon yesterday when I said I was on the mend - this morning I felt pretty crappy, and whilst I did get a bit better in the afternoon, all day I was feeling generally a bit weak and feeble.

Part of the problem may be that I haven't had a proper meal since Thursday - my stomach hasn't been showing signs of willingness to accept food over the last few days. Still, today I thought I ought to try and eat something, and so spent a while pondering what I might have an appetite for.

Having listened to the somewhat bizarre Weebl and Skoo Podcast in the morning, it seems the thought of Yorkshire Puddings had become lodged in my head.

I don't think we'd ever really attempted this before in our flat in Tokyo - we basically don't have a proper oven, just a microwave with a slightly crappy oven feature on it. The maximum temperature setting is 200C, although I'm not quite sure it actually manages that in practice. As an added difficulty, it seems the little baking tray we'd bought to make mince pies last year doesn't actually quite fit in this microwave. So it ended up being shoved in at an angle - not wholly desirable for something containing hot fat.

Oh and we had no means of weighing out the ingredients either. Weighing and measuring is not something I bother with for cooking generally, but for making a batter it is prone to failure without the appropriate quantities.

Still, despite all these difficulties, we managed to make something that did at least vaguely resemble Yorkshire puddings. We also found a box of Paxo in the cupboard, and once we added a few potatoes and some brussel sprouts (surprisingly these are readily available in Japan) it was in the rough ball park of a Sunday dinner.

I still wasn't able to eat a lot, but if anything is going to help me get over a loss of appetite, then it's Yorkshire Puddings.

Comment 1

I made apple Yorkshire this week here -, without measuring. I don't think it is that vital. But the oven here heats from the bottom so it was scroched underneath before the top looked done. And they sell Brussels sprouts on the market. Saw them used on a TV chef show - , split into leaves, very lightly stirfried with a couple of other ingredients (forgot what, was so surprised, may have been something in the meat line anyway).

Posted by Mum at 2006/11/26 15:52:11.

Comment 2

I'm very impressed. I must admit to being guilty of an "Aunt Bessy" or two if the urge for a YP overtakes me... Suddenly...

Stirfried brussels though... Sounds interesting!

Posted by Nigel at 2006/11/26 16:58:47.

Comment 3

My mum cooks a lot with the microwave, but I'd never attempt a cake it it unless it was a spongecake or something like that... I am more for the traditional systems...

Posted by Lox at 2006/11/26 20:58:55.

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