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How many beans make five?

Posted on 2006/09/17 14:16:03 (September 2006).

[Saturday 16th September]
Actually I worked in the morning today - but thanks to the remote access thingy I didn't have to go into the office so it wasn't too bad.

In the afternoon Chie and I headed out for a spot of lunch, and then a bit of shopping. I had decided to finally get around to cooking the dried beans I'd bought on a previous trip to the US - and make one of my favourite recipes, Boston Baked Beans. So after we got back from shopping I got down to some serious "George's Marvellous Medecine" style cooking - the recipe involves quite a lot of ingredients and I usually make a large batch in a big couldron style pot - it feels a lot like concocting a potion or something.

We also bought a DVD back with us - a Japanese film called Uchoten Hotel which we watched in bits throughout the course of the afternoon. It was surprisingly entertaining, as the IMDB entry says it was a bit like Fawlty Towers I suppose (in that it is a kind of farce set in a hotel) but distinctly Japanese, and yet with a sense of humour that I could actually get for once. Very good indeed.

In the evening we got a call from Haruka-kun, who was at a loose end, so we arranged to meet up and go to nearby "Okinawa Town" - basically just a small street and a couple of alleyways with a few Okinawan shops and restaurants on. We went to the same izakaya place I'd been to once before with Shig from work. In addition to the obligatory Orion beer, I enjoyed a few Okinawan specialities including some interesting types of tempura (rakyu - a kind of pickled onion, and some kind of tofu/seaweed combination) as well as some peanut tofu and some umi budo (a kind of seaweed). When this place eventually closed we went to a nearby shop and bought a few more cans of Orion, to take back to our apartment. We spent the evening chatting with Haruka-kun on a whole range of topics, and it was probably about 2:30 by the time we eventually decided to call it a night.

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how many fuckin beans make five!!! yes! somebody understands!!!!

Posted by gnarlbags at 2006/12/30 11:23:30.

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