Tokyo September 2006

Okinawa Town with Haraku-kun - Tokyo September 2006

Okinawa Town with Haraku-kun

Saturday 16th September 2006

A few pictures from an evening spent with our "neighbour" Haruka-kun, starting off with a visit to nearby "Okinawa Town" and then continuing back at our flat.

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22:11:06 Here's Chie and Haruka-kun in one of the windy little alleyways in Okinawa Town.

22:11:29 Me looking quite odd indeed, in front of some Okinawan posters.

22:16:24 Me and Haruka-kun at the gateway to Okinawa Town, not really sure what to do with ourselves...

22:16:41 ...ah, we've hit upon an idea then - showing off our newly acquired Orion beer.

22:19:25 I strangely rather like this picture - this shows you the names of the two big main roads that intersect very near to where we live.

23:33:08 Back at our apartment, me and Haruka-kun getting stuck into the Orion.

00:33:10 The "tower of Orion" - these cans seemed to stack remarkably well.

02:24:25 The completed article by the end of the evening. Marvellous!