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An Equally Lazy Sunday

Posted on 2006/07/03 15:18:03 (July 2006).

[Sunday 2nd July]
A similar day to the previous one - whilst Chie went out to do some shopping in the afternoon, I basically stayed in all day and did very little. I became oddly transfixed with watching the Maison backup utility download the site, which seemed to be in for the long haul - it was clearly going to take all weekend, and then some. As I peered at the backup log scrolling relentlessly onwards, I was also entertained by iTunes (largely Duke Ellington and The Proclaimers). Oh and I also started to explore the Podcasts available through iTunes - I particularly enjoyed the Adam and Joe show taken from Xfm.

The Mac Mini was really earning its' keep, bless it.

Today was the day before Yuka's birthday (Chie's little sister). So she came over in the evening, we had dinner, obviously cake, a couple of drinks, a bit of a present opening session, and then rounded off the evening with a bout of karaoke at a karaoke place near our apartment. It was a quiet sort of a birthday celebration, but hopefully Yuka enjoyed it nonetheless.

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