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Messing about on Boats

Posted on 2005/11/09 03:11:53 (November 2005).

[Saturday 6th November]
I headed out again in the morning (well, 11ish) with Atsushi-san, to get a bus into the centre of Seattle. From here we went down to the waterfront, to get on board a boat for a short cruise. It was the Argosy Locks cruise - starting off going along the waterfront, then out into the sea a bit, then through a lock, along the canal, and finishing up at Lake Union. We were extremely lucky with the weather - there was a window of blue sky which almost exactly enveloped the time we were out (it was raining before and after). So I was able to take some really nice pictures - the blue sky makes such a difference.

The boat trip finished around 3ish, after which we went back into the centre of Seattle for a quick beer, before getting the bus back to our hotel. Went for dinner with a big group of Japanese colleagues (a couple more had just arrived today) at the Japanese restaurant next to the hotel. It was an all you can eat buffet type of place, but wasn't actually that bad.

Comment 1

You see, there you go. You come out with a word like "riparian" and throw me completely....!! Well, at least I know now, which is useful!! Looks like another great expedition!! :)

Posted by Nigel at 2005/11/09 09:24:03.

Comment 2

I'm not sure I used it entirely accurately though Nigel - I wanted a word which meant "to do with rivers" in the same way maritime is "to do with the sea", although actually I think riparian may refer more to river banks...?

Any notion that I am a learned individual can be quickly dispelled by telling you that I learnt this word from Keeping Up Appearances.

Posted by John at 2005/11/09 15:15:02.

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