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Heathrow, London and Reading

Posted on 2005/09/28 10:51:12 (September 2005).

[Tuesday 27th September]
Went to Heathrow first thing in the morning, to see Chie off, who was going to be returning to Japan ahead of me. From there I headed into London to go and see my PhD supervisor, and finally gave him his copy of the finished thesis. This was the last little detail to tie up, and it felt really good to be reminded again that the PhD really is over and done with! We had a long chat about my future career and everything, had lunch together, and then after lunch I headed off.
Being in London with some time to kill, I couldn't resist the temptation to pop into the whisky society. I was there for a large part of the afternoon, and was pretty much the only customer in there. Had a nice chat with the barman, who had only recently started apparently, and enjoyed some very fine whiskies. These included a Miyagikyo (from Sendai in Japan), a Clynelish and, for a bit of a break from the norm, I ventured into Speyside on the barman's recommendation and had a very good Glen Rothes.
I got a train out of London around 5:30, and was picked up at Reading station by David and Simon. Went for some food and a few beers with them in Reading, just like old times. Having spent the afternoon sampling whiskies and the evening sampling beer (!), I was probably very drunk by the end of the day!

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