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Day Out in Hiroshima

Posted on 2005/09/10 03:56:39 (September 2005).

[Thursday 8th September]
Went out for lunch to a place rather deceptively called "Maison de Croissant" - in fact it wasn't the slightest bit French, not so much as a bottle of Perrier in sight. Instead it was a sort of health food shop and restaurant, serving macro-biotic vegetarian (!!!) food, which was very much Japanese in style. I guess I ought to be grateful to have found a vegetarian restaurant, but this kind of super healthy food is not really my cup of tea - I'm not one of those vegetarians who does it for health reasons at all. The tofu was good though - it was in a sort of vinegary sauce with grated raddish (daikon), which was interesting.
Chie and I went into the city centre to do a spot of shopping (to buy some metal polish!) after this, and ended up staying in the centre all day. We went to this sort of leisure centre place, which had all sorts of different games and sports which you could play for a three hour period, all for just a few quid. I surprised myself by not being as crap as I thought I would be at table tennis and badminton. Or perhaps Chie was just letting me win to make me feel good?
After the game/leisure centre place we decided to eat out, and went for some nice (albeit a bit pricey) Indian food. We had a vegetable kofta curry and a sag paneer - both very rich and satisfying. Following on from this we wound up the evening with a couple of drinks in a cafe/bar just off the hyaku-metero-doro (hundred metres avenue).

Comment 1

What does mean "Macro-biotic food" ?

Posted by Sheri at 2005/09/10 18:33:49.

Comment 2

Hi Sheri - perhaps I spelt it wrong? I'm not sure the hyphen is necessary, perhaps it should be just macrobiotic. Anyway, I think wikipedia can explain it better than I can!

Posted by John at 2005/09/11 03:48:27.

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