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Posted on 2005/09/07 13:42:13 (September 2005).

[Tuesday 6th September]
Today Japan was apparently "ravaged by a typhoon" - although in Hiroshima this didn't seem to amount to much more than a bit of stormy weather. Kyushu (the large South Western island) was hit rather badly, it said on the news, so I suppose I really ought to avoid the temptation to say "I don't know what all the fuss was about", and think myself lucky for having got off so lightly. Anyhow, the generally inclement weather persuaded me and Chie to stay indoors all day - although this wasn't necessarily so much difference to most normal days at the moment. Besides, there wouldn't have been much to go out for anyway - most businesses had shut up shop as a precaution, and a lot of public transport wasn't running either. So I spent another day largely on the computer, doing odds and ends of work on the site, many of the things I had been meaning to do for a while now and had never got round to.

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