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Welcome to my bit of the Maison de Stuff, home to a huge load of pictures, and my daily blog.

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A Bit of an Overhaul

Posted on 2005/09/06 07:14:16 (September 2005).

[Monday 5th September]
Spent a fair amount of the day overhauling the main page of the 'Maison. I was determined to try and make it a bit more "live" and clean up a lot of the links to the parts that are probably not accessed much any more.
In addition to a fair amount of time on the computer, I did venture out for a bit towards the end of the afternoon, to go over to Diamond City (the nearby shopping centre) with Chie and her Mum for a spot of shopping. I made dinner for the family (well, Chie and her Mum) - having managed to find some rather nice olives (in oil rather than brine) I made a very rich tomato, olive and caper pasta sauce, which, although I say so myself, was rather nice.

Comment 1

You could have posted the recipe on the wiki!! Just a picture and a couple of lines of explanation.. .:P

Posted by Lox at 2005/09/06 11:11:06.

Comment 2

Hmmm it didn't really feel like a recipe - just a fairly standard tomato based pasta sauce, with olives and capers in it. I did briefly think about adding it to the recipe wiki but it wasn't really new or anything....

Posted by John at 2005/09/06 24:21:42.

Comment 3

Having said that, I have jsut remembered there were some leftovers of my olivey tomato pasta in the fridge - it may not be very nice to eat, but hopefully it should look more or less the same as it did originally... I will take a photo and then have a go at writing a recipe just for the hell of it.

Posted by John at 2005/09/06 24:29:25.

Comment 4

where would you be without capers eh john ?

Posted by kev at 2005/09/06 16:17:09.

Comment 5

Caper Caper 1 2 3 !?

Posted by Ex Morris Man at 2005/09/06 17:50:03.

Comment 6

Yes Kev, I began to panic to start with when I thought I wouldn't be able to get capers... but luckily as it turned out quite a few shops have them.

Posted by John at 2005/09/07 04:20:08.

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