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Sendai to Mukomachi

Posted on 2005/08/22 04:10:07 (August 2005).

[Friday 19th August]
Headed off in the morning from Sendai, and went by local trains as far as Tokyo. After that I decided I'd had enough of local trains, and we got on the shinkansen from there. We decided that rather than go straight back to Hiroshima, it would be nice to go and see Dale and Erina in Mukomachi (near Kyoto) on the way back.
We left the girls chatting in Dale and Erina's flat, while us menfolk went out for a few drinks and a manly chat. This was absolutely great - it seems like ages since I've been able to have a decent conversation with an English friend, in fact I almost certainly haven't done this since I was last in England. The location was also pretty nice - we went to Dale's "local" - a bar next to the station which he sometimes pops into for a beer after work. The bar was pretty was pretty western in style, and the crowd were all very young and friendly. Stayed out until gone 2 o' clock, and I was probably pretty drunk by the end of it. Really fantastic!

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