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Natsu Matsuri

Posted on 2005/07/31 13:17:42 (July 2005).

[Saturday 30th July]
Like last weekend, Chie was working again in the daytime. I spent most of the morning and some of the early afternoon fiddling about on the computer. About half past two I went for a walk to go and meet Chie at the shopping centre place where she was doing her part-time job, selling broadband to cinema goers (?!). Went back to the same shopping centre again later on to pick Chie up when she finished, and after a quick dinner, we went over to the part of Hiroshima around where Chie's grandparents live. Here there were a couple of events on for the natsu matsuri - summer festival. We first went over to a jinja - shinto shrine - so a priest could wave a stick at us (as is often the case, I may not have fully understood the religious implications of this ceremony). After this we went to a supermarket car park, where there were stalls selling things-on-a-stick, and dancing. Stayed there until the mini festival thing finished, and then spent a bit of time with Chie's grandmother before heading back home.

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