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Mrs Beddoe and Old Photos

Posted on 2005/07/03 10:18:03 (July 2005).

[Saturday 2nd July]
In the morning me and Mum went to see Mrs Bedoe - my first (and favourite!) teacher from primary school. Mum said she was often asking after me, and so we thought it would be nice to go and let her know how I'm getting on - especially as I'd just got my PhD. It seemed somehow appropriate, now I am finally at the end of my formal education, that I should go and see the person who was there right at the start of it. She was absolutely lovely as ever, and miraculously doesn't seem to have aged at all!
I spent most of the rest of the day sorting through and scanning old family photographs. What with the Radstock Photo Archive detailing my undergraduate years, and my pictures page detailing everything since then, I have a fairly good photographic record of my life from wehn I was 18 years old up to the present day. So now I am beginning to wonder if I can put together an (albeit more patchy) account of my life up to 18 in photographs. It's great looking through some of these old pictures as a kid - they are so rich in information. I keep finding toys, clothes, birthday cakes, houses, cars - all of which I surprisingly can remember quite well once my memory has been jogged by the image.

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