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Tuesday 7th June - Sunday 10th July 2005. Pictures from my visit to Britain (!) sandwiched between being in Japan in June and July 2005.

[Tuesday 7th June - Monday 13th June]
A few days spent staying with Vera and Robin in Abergavenny.
[Monday 13th June]
A night out in London to watch Simon's friend's band - Treehouse Burning.
[Tuesday 13th June - Friday 17th June]
Staying at my brother's house in Guildford.
North Wales
[Saturday 18th June - Wednesday 29th June]
A week and a bit staying with Dad in North Wales.
[Wednesday 29th June]
A few beers in Pangbourne whilst passing through, between North Wales and the Midlands.
[Thursday 30th June - Tuesday 5th July]
A few days with Mum in Castle Donington.
Reading - David, Simon and Kev
[Tuesday 5th July]
A night out in Reading with some friends from where I used to work.
[Thursday 7th July]
At long last - my PhD graduation ceremony!
Reading - Frank etc
[Saturday 9th July]
A few drinks with Frank, Aisan and Shingosan.
Riverside Bar
[Wednesday 13th July]
A few drinks with Rob, Byrnie and Kate, by the Thames in Reading. After a brief trip to Seattle this was my last night in England before returning to Japan.