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You Lucky, Lucky Bastard

Posted on 2005/06/30 08:00:44 (June 2005).

[Wednesday 29th June]
I am a lucky bugger. By the skin of my teeth, with just a few hours to go before the deadline, the approval came through for my thesis corrections. My examiner had really pulled out the stops to get the corrections checked in time, and I am extremely grateful to him for that. In fact, given the rough time Rob has had I actually feel quite guilty in a way - why do I deserve to be so lucky? I decided at that point I ought to devote the rest of my life to doing good things for people, in payment for all this good fortune, just like Amelie.
This meant I could at last leave North Wales (I'd been hanging on in case I had to make any last minute changes) and continue with the next leg of my UK tour - on to my Mum's. Although actually I needed to spent a night in Reading first to sort out some bits and pieces, so that's where I headed, on the 11:45 train from Pwllheli. The train journey, as before, was really lovely - the scenery is really beautiful (OK, the bits in Wales are at least), and I enjoyed it all the more for being in such a good mood.
I got to Reading around 6ish, and headed straight to Pangbourne to meet up with Kev for a drink at the Cross Keys (oh how good it feels to go back there!) and some dinner at Mia Beni, followed by one last drink at the Swan before getting the train back into Reading. There I got a taxi over to the other side of town to meet up for a drink with Steve and Michelle, who also very kindly agreed to put me up for the night. It was a great day all told, and everything just fell into place in the end - I really am a lucky bugger.
(Oooh look, this is entry number 499 - so tomorrow will be number 500!)

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