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Onto London...

Posted on 2005/06/16 22:11:26 (June 2005).

[Monday 13th June]
I left Abergavenny in the morning, Robin gave me a lift back to Newport, and I got on a train headed for London. I made a slight detour en route to go by way of my old office in Pangbourne and drop off some bags. I wasn't really sure how I'd feel, but actually I was surprisingly not nostalgic at all. I saw my old flat and didn't really bat an eyelid. It didn't feel that unusual going to the old office either - perhaps it just hasn't sunk in yet that I've actually left! Whilst I was in Pangbourne I had the opportunity to pop into the Cross Keys for a quick pint (my train was cancelled, ok?) and this was pretty great actually - having not felt much of a reaction from the rest of the places I used to hang around, I noticed a stark contrast with being back in my local - it felt greater. In many ways it still is my local, I'm just living on the other side of the world to it now!
I spent the afternoon in London with my supervisor doing viva preparation type stuff. After we'd done for the day, I headed up to Camden to meet Simon (the one I used to work with) at The Dublin Castle, where his mate's band were playing. This made for a really good night out - above all as it was great to have a good chin wag with Sinmon. I'd arranged to stay with David from work - and in fact Simon was staying there too - so rather conveniently we got the train back together and continued our discussion of life, the universe and everything. Amusingly whilst engaged in my usual drunken "We don't deserve to live in this country" rant, going on about how everyone else in the world suffers so much, I was interrupted by a Scottish lady. She said her company had tried employing people from poorer countried and it had never worked or something. So that was all a bit odd.

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