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Posted on 2004/12/06 20:51:36 (December 2004).

[Saturday 4th December]
Spent the day in the city, which was really great - got up to lots of different things and generally had a very nice time. Started off by going to a clothes shop called Rellik, next to the Trellick Tower, where Shimbokun (a friend of Chie's) works. Apparently it is quite famous and lots of celebrities shop there - Sienna Miller had been in there the day before, which Chie was quite excited about, despite me not being particularly sure about who she is. After that we went for lunch just of Portobello Road in this little Japanese Cafe called Eclectic, in the basement of an art gallery which was very cool - we sat on tatami mat on the floor and everything. After that we had a wander through Portobello Road Market, where I bought a packet watch, and then headed to Farringdon. After perusing the array of Jewellers on Hatton Gardens, we stopped off for a drink at my club - we had a very interesting Springbank ("Oysters by the sea") and a particularly good Ardbeg. Following this we headed over to Selfridge's before finally meeting up with Han-Myungsan and his wife Chesosan for a spot of dinner at Sofra, a Turkish restaurant just off Oxford Street. At Han Myungsan's insistence we left London relatively early so we could get home in time to watch a Woody Allen film - Sweet and Lowdown - which he told us was absolutely excellent. Having not previously been much of a fan of Woody Allen in the past, I think this film may have changed my mind, as it was actually rather good. All told a really great day out. Took some pictures.

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