Day out in London

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Saturday 4th December 2004. A day out in London, largely in the Portobello area.

13:48:34 Outside Rellik, Chie's friend Shimbokun (who works there) at the door.

13:48:53 Another shot of Shimbokun and Chie at the entrance to Rellik.

14:34:40 Chie sitting on the tatami downstairs in Eclectic.

14:42:42 Me, enjoying some very nice cherry blossom tea, in delightfully Japanese surroundings.

14:52:23 We both had fried rice dishes for lunch. The rice was cooked absolutely beautifully - a million miles from the sort of fried rice you'd get in a Chinese takeaway.

15:02:34 The owner was apparently this small dog.

15:02:55 The dog again, slightly less blurred.

15:25:45 Outside Eclectic.

15:49:16 A quick shot of Portobello Road market, just to say we'd been there.

21:53:10 Later on in the evening, after dinner, walking down the rather prettily illuminated St. Cristopher's Place.

21:53:30 Han-Myungsan kindly taking a picture of Chie, me, and Chesosan.