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Posted on 2004/10/10 20:05:43 (October 2004).

[Saturday 9th October]
Dad left very early in the morning, but Lorenzo was staying two nights with us so we had the day to spend together. Got up late and headed over to Reading Uni, where as a delightfully nostalgic treat we were able to have a pint and a plate of cheese and chips each. It is hard to describe just how ecstatic I felt being able to relive those golden university years with an old friend like this. After that we went for a further trip down memory lane, to visit some of our old digs. We then showed Lorenzo around the centre of Reading, mainly the Oracle, to see how much it had all changed since he left, about five years ago.
In the evening we had planned to go for a pub tour in Oxford, but eventually decided, as Lorenzo had an early flight the next morning, that a quiet night in might be more appropriate. Made a sort of fusion dinner between us - pasta with a truffle sauce followed by my trademark madras, all washed down with some rather nice sake just to top off the whole "fusion" thing. Yes, pasta and curry sounds like an odd combination but it actually really worked! Popped out briefly during the course of the evening for a quick drink at The Swan, before retiring back home for some very nice Spanish hot chocolate, and a bit more whisky (of course!).

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