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Saturday 9th October 2004.

13:55:32 Chie and Lorenzo in the union - fantastic!

13:55:54 Me and Lorenzo in the union.

13:57:42 Yes, that really is two plates of Cheese and Chips.

14:33:45 Lorenzo emmerging from the toilets.

15:06:46 After leaving the university, we thought we'd pop by Radstock Road, for old time's sake. Here's the wonderful Hargoni's, our old corner shop.

15:07:15 Hargun's, plus a white van.

15:07:41 The front of our beloved house.

15:08:29 That famous wheeley bin.

15:09:55 We even took a sneaky picture from the back. Doesn't seem to have changed much!

15:09:59 A close-up on that garden.

15:10:12 Lorenzo skulking off down an alleyway.

19:08:21 Me and Lorenzo cooking in my flat.

19:08:37 An "action shot" of us cooking.

19:14:58 Lorenzo and Chie at the start of our wonderful fusion meal - sake (with gold leaf!) in wooden cups, Lorenzo's rather funky Italian antipasto - Parmesan, figs and pear, and some fresh ravioli with a salsa truffina sauce...

20:26:44 We thought it prudent to round dinner off with a quick drink at The Swan.

21:12:35 Me and Lorenzo standing by the fire - lovely.