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Woodcote and Dinner with Nozaki

Posted on 2004/07/11 11:00:56 (July 2004).

[Saturday 10th July]
In the daytime, me, Chie and Kev went to Woodcote Steam Rally. Didn't really see any steam engines (at least not close-up), but instead rather predictably spent the whole time in the beer tent. Bumped into Dilys, Graham and Alice. Also while we were there we met up with Simon and Susannah, who we haven't seen for a while, despite them living a mere stone's throw away - as is often the way of these things. The weather was trying very hard to spoil the day, particularly with one large downpour around 2 o' clock, but nonetheless I still rather enjoyed it, actually. There are some pictures of our day out.
In the evening we went to have dinner with Chie's old university tutor, Nozaki Sensei, and I learnt a valuable lesson about not trying to plan two social engagements in one day (especially ones involving alcohol!). We didn't leave particularly late - maybe around 11, but towards the end of the evening I was practically falling asleep. Still, sleepiness aside, I had a very nice time, and was treated to some really great wines, accompanied by equally great food.

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