Woodcote Steam Rally

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Saturday 10th July 2004. A day out in a field drinking beer and looking at steam engines.

13:01:05 There was a short walk between the car park and the actual main field. It seemed photo worthy at the time. You can just about see Didcot power station in the distance.

13:11:23 We thought we'd be sensible, and line our stomachs before drinking, so we all got pasties. In the background there is the sort of stage thing, where I think "Large Portion" were playing.

13:11:35 Me and Chie tucking into our respective pasties.

13:11:40 ...and again seemingly. Kev clearly wanted to ensure he got this picture right.

13:39:24 The beer tent, seem from a short distance away.

13:39:34 We decided to go for a bit of a wander before getting too settled in the beer tent, however the clouds were looking distinctly ominous.

13:43:35 There were a lot of nice old cars present, which made for some good photo opportunities.

13:43:48 Me and Chie and some nice old cars.

13:43:52 Err.... I assume this was taken by accident.

14:32:44 Between this and the last picture, there was a bit of a downpour, during which time we hid under our umbrellas. Luckily it didn't last all day. Here's Chie huddling round a cup of tea for warmth in the aftermath of the rain.

14:49:08 Back in the safe haven of the beer tent now.

14:56:33 A view down the beer tent, with a bit of Kev's head in it.

15:03:46 Kev checking for any nearby wireless networks. I'm pretty sure he didn't find any.

15:16:32 Russ and Carrie, clearly hard at work behind the bar.

15:52:51 Eventually we managed to meet up with Simon, Susannah et al, and here they are.

16:33:11 Erm, not sure what the purpose of this picture is!

16:43:43 Another picture inside the beer tent, mainly.

16:43:47 ...and another one. I think wer left not too long after this.