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The Simple Things in Life...

Posted on 2004/07/04 11:39:32 (July 2004).

[Saturday 3rd July] Things were looking pretty bad at the start of the day (well lunchtime), as we'd planned to go for a bike ride, and making the usual checks before heading out we realised Chie's brakes weren't working. A few failed attempts to fix them later, and we were feeling really demoralised and generally fed up. Eventually as a plan B, we decided to go for a walk instead. Our goal, albeit a pointless one, was to walk over a motorway footbridge we'd seen several times before in the car. It turned out to be a really nice walk actually, through lots of fields and farming country.
Without really planning it, we ended up on the road where Tom and Sarah live, so thought we'd knock on their door and say hello. As it happened, they were just about to head out as well, so we joined them. Tom had recently bought a kite, and wanted to give it a test drive. We spent at least an hour in a big field near their house flying the kite, and it was so much fun. I really can't quite explain why I enjoyed it so much, maybe it's one of those things that lets you feel like a child again, I don't know.
Afterwards, Tom and Sarah very kindly invited us round for dinner, and we spent most of the evening there as well. All in all a really nice day, especially given that it was all totally unplanned and unexpected.
There are also some pictures of our day out.

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