Walking and Flying a Kite

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Saturday 3rd July 2004. Me and Chie went for a walk today, and without really planning it ended up at Tom and Sarah's house. We then went out with them for a surprisingly enjoyable hour or so flying a kite. Lovely.

16:16:26 Some cows in a field.

16:16:50 A little cow.

16:25:03 Chie eating wild raspberries.

16:41:54 Fields and sky.

16:42:05 The little tower thing.

16:42:48 Chie walking through the fields. Note the way her coat is zipped right up to the top to protect herself from the countryside!

16:57:01 A little footbridge.

16:59:17 The motorway bridge, which was bizarrely the objective of our walk.

17:01:12 Yes, it's definitely a motorway bridge.

17:05:55 A horse in a field.

17:16:28 The Thatcher's Arms. Unfortunately it doesn't open until 6!

17:59:41 After meeting up with Tom and Sarah at their house, we headed straight out to their nearby playing fields. Here's Tom assembling the kite.

18:00:20 Just the wires need to go on now...

18:03:43 A kite's eye view of Tom, the pilot.

18:04:12 ...and again.

18:05:17 Chie, being blown about a bit by the wind.

18:05:38 Rather pleased with this "arty" shot.

18:07:33 This is me preparing to launch the kite, with Tom in charge of the controls.

18:07:49 Maybe untwisting it here...

18:08:42 There it goes!

18:13:40 Lovely blue sky with a kite in picture.

18:14:03 It was pretty hard to get both Tom and the kite in one picture.

18:14:16 Lovely.

18:14:37 Aren't those clouds nice?

18:15:03 Slight angle on this one.

18:15:26 More of the same really, but still lovely.

18:16:45 I think I'm about to take over the controls here... I think the camera's batteries ran out at this point though.