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Welcome to my bit of the Maison de Stuff, home to a huge load of pictures, and my daily blog.

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Posted on 2003/05/11 16:40:48 (May 2003).

Over the last few weeks I've been making changes to my pictures page to try and automate it all a bit. I've written my own set of scripts to manage a sort of XML database of all the sets of pictures. From this set of information I can then publish the index to all my sets of pictures in several (currently four) different flavours. At the moment I've got a text only page, a text and pictures page, and a pictures only, as well as the seemingly obligatory RSS feed. Like most people I have wondered what the whole fuss over XML was about at various times. Stuff like this though makes it seem worthwhile. I have a simple form to fill in every time I upload a new set of pictures, and then after that all of the different indices are rebuilt automatically. Very satisfying.

Comment 1

If you used php, you could get it to upload the images, generate thumbnails and use a db like the one I set up for Baron at

Of course, you don't like php, do you?

Posted by Rob Lang at 2003/05/21 11:51:14.

Comment 2


Posted by John at 2003/05/27 14:00:05.

Comment 3

Is it because it's not a Vegetarian programming language?

Posted by Rob Lang at 2003/05/27 15:15:06.

Comment 4

This is Maiko, Chie's friend. I visited her from America once. Chie sent this site to me to look at many pictures! I like every pictures.

Posted by Maiko at 2003/07/29 14:32:59.

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