On Saturday, 23rd October, 1999, Mr Leon French had a house warming party at his rather nice new house, near Blandford in Dorset. These are the pictures, taken by John (well, mostly anyway) with his really rather splendid digital camera. Warning. This site contains graphic depiction of violence towards pumpkins, eating of humous in a disturbing manner, and generally Leon being drunk and uncouth. Beware.

| On The Way | Kitchen | Smashing Pumpkins | More Kitchen | Oddness | Madness | Sleep | The Morning After |

On The Way [Up to 16:30]
John, Simon and the pumpkin making their way to Leon's party.
Kitchen [18:54 - 21:13]
Funny how the kitchen often seems the liveliest bit of a party, Leon's being no exception. Possibly due to being closest to where all the alcohol is? Who knows.
Smashing Pumpkins [21:16 - 21:22]
The sad yet entertaining demise of the pumpkin...
More Kitchen [21:29 - 21:48]
...after which, more fun was had in the kitchen. Includes rubber gloves.
Oddness [21:56 - 22:44]
That stage where everyone seems to go quiet and/or disappear, and everything seems a bit odd.
Madness [22:45 - 23:07]
Everyone regrouped, mainly back in the kitchen, and much fun was had again.
Sleep [23:11 - 01:17]
Many of the party-goers had been there since the early afternoon though, and at this stage people were starting to drop.
Morning [09:20 onwards]
The aftermath, and that curiously enjoyable stage of group hangover therapy.