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So this is Leon then.

And that would be Joe.

The ornamental cabbage, another present for Leon. Remember though, its non-edible. In fact, look very closely and you can almost read the sticker saying exactly that.

Introducing Mags and Gav.

Leon, Mags and Gav, who'd been drinking since midday and were remarkably coherent.

Probably taken from on top of the stool. Here we can also see Craig, in the yellow shirt.

Erm, much of the same.

The runcorn (?) checks out the heating controls.

Leon tries hard to imagine Gav and Joe naked.

And here is John (me) with the party going on behind.

Nice, we all already look fairly drunk.

Is Gav in pain here or what?

Most of the crowd sing along with christmas songs (yes, we were all aware it was October) while Simon ponders differing mixtures for tile grout.

Gav's trademark Dr. Evil impression, or is he just picking his nose? You decide.

Mags is probably being louder than anyone else at this point.

We decide to relocate to the lounge for a bit.

People stand around looking confused.

Gav explains to a confused and slightly upset Joe that Lily Savage and Dame Edna aren't actually women.

Simon looks far more drunk than he actually is.

Nicole (I think) realises just how funny yellow things are.

Bad news. People are interested in the TV. Something has to be done.

Mags shows us her terrible cheese grater injury.

People talk about stuff.

Leon appears to be in pain here. Can't remember why, but judging by the way Mags is laughing we can safely assume it was her fault.

Gav and Mags look on, probably as something really exciting and photo worthy happens out of shot.

Mags assists Gav in standing, and in the process discovers his hair has a rather pleasant almondy smell.

Gav and Mags are "largin' it" (but not in ibeefa).