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This is Leon's cellar/garage.

These stairs lead up to a trapdoor into the bathroom.

Just to prove that, here's the toilet viewed from the trapdoor.

And here's John in the trapdoor.

Leon extolls (?) the virtues of Hofbrau.

Gav craftily steals olives, an activity in which John had no part. Honest.

Anyone for humous?

This is just plain disgusting Leon.

Interesting difference in facial expressions here.

We have a casualty. Repeat, we have a casualty.

Errmmmm, errrrr....???


Not in any way sure of the reason for taking this.

Shows how vain we both are, as neither of us were happy about how we looked in the first one, so we took this one too.

Still not happy, there was a third, which wasn't really any different. Luckily, we gave up at that point.