Tokyo June 2006

Tokyo June 2006

Pictures in Tokyo in June 2006.

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Saturday 3rd June 2006
A day out in Hakone to visit an onsen type place.

Sunday 4th June 2006
A vague wander around on a Sunday afternoon, which randomly included a visit to a mosque.

Yaki Soba
Tuesday 6th June 2006
My name in ketchup on a dinner lovingly prepared by Chie.

Saturday 10th June 2006
A very nice day out with our old friend Hide in Tochigi prefecture taking in the Nikko Toshogu shrine and a number of other very scenic spots. Followed by a bit of a Gyosei reunion in Shinjuku in the evening.

Sunday 18th June 2006
Day out in Yokohama to visit my friend from work and hs family.

Gyoza Party
Saturday 24th June 2006
An impromptu dinner party at our apartment, for which Chie made some rather nice gyoza.

Doma Doma
Tuesday 27th June 2006
A couple of pictures from a random weekday night out with Haruka-kun and Aiko-san at an izakaya called Doma Doma.

Friday 30th June
A few pictures randomly taken in Shimbashi.