Tokyo June 2006

Gyoza Party - Tokyo June 2006

Gyoza Party

Saturday 24th June 2006

An impromptu dinner party at our apartment, for which Chie made some rather nice gyoza.

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21:24:11 The pictures are all a little random I'm afraid... So here's the girls, I wanted them all to be holding gyoza, but it seemed only Kayochan on the right there complied.

22:14:15 Here's me, the old man in the corner.

22:14:44 The boy's side of the table - me and Haruka-kun.

22:45:23 The girls eating lollies, plus lots of debris on the table in the foreground.

22:45:34 A pointless picture of table debris. Our beer of choice for the evening was Enjuku, which, despite tasting very beer-ish, is actually a kind of Happoshu (fake beer) apparently.

22:46:06 The horrid mess of wires created by the Mac Mini. Really need to come up with a tidier solution for this! Incidentally the Mac Mini was doing an excellent job of DJing for the evening, via iTunes / Front Row.

23:43:11 Here is some tabi (Japanese socks) my Mum sent for Chie.

23:43:37 ...and again.

00:31:49 It seems the pictures have become inexcusably random now...! Time to put the camera away methinks!