Tokyo June 2006

Hakone - Tokyo June 2006


Saturday 3rd June 2006

A day out in Hakone to visit an onsen type place.

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12:16:09 Here we are on the train on the way to Hakone, eating a bento each.

13:48:41 Took this picture whilst waiting for a bus in Hakone.

14:22:13 Here is Chie outside the onsen / spa type place. (called Yunessun?)

16:57:22 I'd assumed it probably wasn't the done thing to take a camera into the baths (although to my surprise some other people did) so anyway, there's no pictures on the inside, and here I am afterwards buying a drink from a vending machine with a sort of wristband thing.

16:57:34 Well I thought this was quite exciting anyway.

17:07:29 This picture is just great.

17:17:13 In the souvenir area of the onsen type place was a little bar were you could try Hakone beer. Well it would have been rude not to...

17:40:57 Back outside the onsen complex, waiting for a bus again.