Japan Spring 2008 - Japan Spring 2008

Japan Spring 2008

Saturday 15th - Monday 31st March 2008

Pictures from our visit to Japan in spring 2008.

Japan Spring 2008

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First Day in Japan (and my Birthday!)
Saturday 15th March 2008
First day of our trip in Japan, including a few pictures from a reunion / birthday party with some old friends from work.

More Friends
Sunday 16th March 2008
More meeting up with friends in Japan.

Tokyo to Hiroshima
Tuesday 18th March 2008
Took the shinkansen from Tokyo to Hirohshima, where we were going to be spending the next few days with Chie's family.

Out in Hiroshima with Kurihara-kun
Wednesday 19th March 2008
A night out in Hiroshima with Kurihara-kun, who had come to stay in London around this time last year.

Thursday 20th March 2008
Daytime on Miyajima - went on the ropeway for the first time, up to the top of My. Misen. In the evening went out in Hiroshima, and made the now traditional visit to Sushi Tei for dinner.

Daytrip to Shikoku
Friday 21st March 2008
A random daytrip to Shikoku, one of the four main islands of Japan.

Bashi-san and Mana-chan
Saturday 22nd March 2008
Late lunch curry and a karaoke session with Bashi-san, followed by Spanish food and a foreign beer bar with Mana-chan.

Hiroshima to Kyoto
Sunday 23rd March 2008
Travelled from Hiroshima to Kyoto, and met up with Dale and Erina there. Went to visit the famous Kiyomizu temple in the afternoon, then back to Dale and Erina's house in the evening.

Kyoto to Tokyo
Monday 24th March 2008
Got the Shinkansen from Kyoto back to Tokyo. A few pictures of Odaiba, where our hotel for the next two nights was, plus a night out with Tanaka-san in Asakusa (but just the one picture!).

Yuka's Graduation and Odaiba
Tuesday 25th March 2008
A couple of pictures of Yuka in her graduation hakama, followed by lots of night shots of Odaiba in the evening.

Atagawa Onsen
Wednesday 26th March 2008
Stayed the night at a hotel in Atagawa on the Izu peninsula, and enjoyed the onsen there.

By the Sea
Thursday 27th March 2008
Daytime spent enjoying the coastline of the Izu peninsula, then back to Tokyo in the evening.

Shinagawa, Chofu and Shinjuku
Friday 28th March 2008
A fairly random day - morning in Shinagawa, and then most of the rest of the day in Chofu, with a quick shopping trip to Shinjuku in the early evening.

Chichibu Distillery
Saturday 29th March 2008
Spent the daytime visiting Akuto-san's new distillery in Chichibu, which was utterly fantastic. Then back to Tokyo in the evening for dinner with some of Chie's friends from her university days.

Sunday 30th March 2008
Last full day in Japan, and the sakura had blossomed just in time for us to enjoy a hanami in Tokyo.