California Spring 2007

California Spring 2007

Pictures taken in California in Spring 2007.

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Monday 26th March 2007
Just one random picture taken on the little train that goes round San Francisco airport.

Tuesday 27th March 2007
A couple of pictures of our hotel room, and then a couple more of a burger place we went to.

Thursday 29th March 2007
A pointless picture of a train going over a level crossing taken on the way into work.

North of the Bridge
Saturday 31st March 2007
A nice day out in the car, taking in the Golden Gate bridge, Point Reyes National Seashore, Highway 1 and Sausalita.

South of the Bridge
Sunday 1st April 2007
Another day out in the car, this time exploring Highway 1 and other bits South of San Francisco, followed by Japanese food in the evening.

Winding Down
Monday 2nd April 2007
A few pictures taken on the evening of Chie's last full day and my last-but-one day in California.