California Spring 2007

South of the Bridge - California Spring 2007

South of the Bridge

Sunday 1st April 2007

Another day out in the car, this time exploring Highway 1 and other bits South of San Francisco, followed by Japanese food in the evening.

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13:42:34 Lunch at a little Italian place in the mall next to Stanford university.

13:42:40 My mushroom stew - actually very nice.

13:42:49 Chie's lunch again.

13:43:34 Chie tucking in.

14:55:48 After lunch we stopped on an impulse at this drive through espresso stand.

14:56:35 We obviously found the whole experience quite exciting and therefore took a lot of unnecesary pictures!


14:58:43 Demonstrating an error Chie often makes when parking at toll booths, etc.

15:04:12 The finished article - and very nice they were too.

15:33:34 Must have passed through some woodlands on our drive at this point then!

15:33:41 The car again.

15:34:33 A woodland flower.

15:56:18 Finally we got to the Highway 1 and the sea, so here's another beach.


16:07:15 DO NOT REMOVE PEBBLES! They didn't exactly seem in short supply to me...



17:24:51 After leaving Highway 1 we headed back inland, over the hills back towards silicon valley. Not sure if you can spot it but there's a lizard in here.

17:28:10 A bit of greenery.

17:37:19 Looking down into Silicon Valley.


19:44:15 For dinner we went to a Japanese restaurant in Mountain View - and Chie had this sushi platter.

19:44:26 ...up close on the sushi.

20:12:24 For some reason Chie wanted to get a picture of me signing the bill!