California Spring 2007

North of the Bridge - California Spring 2007

North of the Bridge

Saturday 31st March 2007

A nice day out in the car, taking in the Golden Gate bridge, Point Reyes National Seashore, Highway 1 and Sausalita.

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13:13:18 This is me driving through San Francisco. I believe this to be the first ever photograph of me driving a car.

13:13:27 Chie had the camera and was snapping away at random quite happily! Possibly she was trying to get the street name here - Van Ness.

13:22:39 Approaching the Golden Gate bridge... this was very exciting!



13:23:54 Chie was also very excited about there being NO TOLL Northbound.

13:25:26 Actually driving on the famous bridge now - this was surprisingly fun!







13:26:38 So this would be the second ever picture of me driving.


13:32:01 We stopped just after crossing the bridge to take in the view - here's a nice one of Chie...

13:32:31 ...some shots of the city as seen from across the bay...


13:33:19 ...and a nice shot of the pair of us taken by a kind stranger.

13:35:09 Another shot looking out across the bay.

14:33:55 We got a bit lost shortly after venturing North of the bridge, so decided to come to this mall to buy a map, and get something for lunch.

14:57:55 Outside the mall.

15:42:24 Out in the middle of nowhere we came across The Marin French Cheese Co.

15:45:26 I enjoyed this sign quite a lot.

16:29:15 I think this is entering Point Reyes National Seashore now - some blurry pictures of cows!

16:29:27 More vague scenery taken from the car.

16:35:22 Chie on one of the beaches we visited (Francis Drake?).

16:37:30 Nice blue sky but it was actually a bit chilly on the coast.


16:43:11 Classic me-and-Chie self portrait.

17:12:32 This is another beach (South beach perhaps) which we hung around at for a short time while we were waiting for the road to the lighthouse to reopen.






17:18:28 Chie got a lot of sand in her shoes here!

17:54:24 Walking out to the lighthouse.

17:57:54 Apparently the jawbones of a whale.

17:58:22 Strange rock formations here.

17:58:31 ...and some weird little plants.

17:59:03 ...and there's the lighthouse down there.

17:59:22 ...zoomed in a bit.


17:59:43 I found this quite an interesting subject, although unfortunately the lighting was a bit of a challenge.




18:06:46 A very windswept tree.


18:14:15 There are some kind of deer in this shot, although possibly not all that easy to see.

18:43:42 Back in the car now...



19:08:34 Can see the moon here.

19:14:42 A small colony of seals just across an inlet from the road (I think this was Highway 1 already).

19:15:07 Chie with the seals in the background.

19:24:32 Views of the sunset, seen from the Californian coast (Highway 1 to be precise).


19:26:45 Chie with the sun setting behind her.

19:26:55 Can see the moon again here.

19:27:48 Our car in the little layby we'd parked in to watch the sunset.

19:28:20 ...more sunset pictures...

19:28:44 ...and the moon again!

19:28:54 Chie basking in it all (from the comfort of the car).




19:32:00 Pink sky in the distance, seen from Highway 1.

19:32:27 More of highway 1.

20:45:50 Dinner in Sausalita - this was Chie's seafood stew type thing.

20:45:58 ....and my pasta dish which was somewhat less interesting.

20:46:21 Chie digging in.

21:06:23 Attempt to get a picture of the waterfront from the restaurant we were in.

21:28:31 Odd flowers at the restaurant.

21:28:42 The front of the restaurant.

21:52:46 Eeek!

21:53:00 Heading back over the Golden Gate bridge.

21:53:12 ...and another...