Aix and Monaco September 2023
Thursday 31st August - Tuesday 5th September 2023
Five nights away in the South of France and Monaco, resuming our old annual tradition of visiting the Cote d’Azur just before Erika’s birthday.
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London to Aix en Provence
Thursday 31st August 2023
Travelled by train from London to Aix en Provence today. Eurostar to Paris, then 1st class on the TGV from there to Aix. Arrived in Aix in time for a late al fresco dinner in a lively square in town.
Port d'Alon
Friday 1st September 2023
We spent the daytime at a little cove / beach called Port d’Alon which our friends who live in Aix had discovered. In the evening back to Aix for dinner at a Lebanese restaurant.
Eating in Aix
Saturday 2nd September 2023
Quite a foody sort of a day in Aix en Provence today. Started with pain au chocolats at a patisserie, then went for a stroll around the market and more snacking. Later in the afternoon Chie and Erika went for a swim in the pool at our friend’s apartment complex, while I did more food shopping for dinner. I cooked my interpretation of Provencal classic “Petits Farcis” and while it was baking we had a quick outing to see the Terrain des Peintres, where Cezanne used to go and paint views of a nearby mountain.
Aix to Monaco
Sunday 3rd September 2023
In the daytime we took the (budget version of) the TGV from Aix to Nice, then on from there to Monaco, arriving at our hotel around 3pm. Spent most of the rest of the afternoon at the hotel’s beach / pool. Then later on out for dinner at our old favourite restaurant on the beach, before heading back to the hotel for post-dinner cocktails (also on the beach).
Monday in Monaco
Monday 4th September 2023
I woke ridiculously early and went down to the hotel beach to watch the sunrise. When I got back the girls were still fast asleep so I went out again, for a morning stroll around Monaco, to see if I could find a spot with a nice view of the principality. Then breakfast at the hotel, after which I dragged the girls out for another walk, to the market, our favourite lunch spot, by way of the Japanese gardens and the casino square. Back to the hotel after that for more swimming and lounging around on the beach, then dinner ended up being back at the same restaurant as the previous evening.
Monaco to London
Tuesday 5th September 2023
We headed back to London today - me by train, the girls by plane.