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Emily Bailes Female

Born: 1845

Comments: There is an entry in the GRO indices for the birth of an Emily Bailes in Jan/Feb/Mar 1845, in Greenwich (volume 5, page __3).

An Emily Bailes appears in the 1871 census, her age recorded as 25 and her place of birth entered as Greenwich, Kent. Here she is living at 338 Oxford Street, London. This seems to be some kind of commerical establishment - apparently a chemists. There are many other residents at this address, and the head of household (entered as "manager" rather than "head"), one Henry J. Wigg has his occupation entered as "Chemist and Druggist", with several other occupants having the same occupation, and some having their's entered as "Pharmaceutical Chemist". Emily's occupation is entered as "Housemaid Domestic Servant". Incidentally, some of the other occupants of this address have their place of birth recorded as Great Baddow, Essex - the same as Emily's husband Edwin. One wonders if this might be how she met Edwin.

Aged 36 at the time of the 1881 census, her birthplace is recorded as Greenwich, Kent.

Emily appears again in the 1891 census, aged 45, and again in the 1901 census aged 55. Her place of birth is consistent throughout.

Her surname is taken from the (probable) GRO indices entry for her marriage to Edwin.

Emily's Family

Spouse: Edwin Alfred Leach (Married 1872)
Children: Emily Leech, Eliza Leach
At the time of the 1881, 1891 and 1901 censuses, the family were living at 105 Warner Road, Camberwell, Surrey. By the time of the 1901 census  the children had left home, and the parents were living with three boarders.

There is an entry in the GRO indices for the marriage of an Edwin Alfred Leech in Chelmsford Essex, Jul/Aug/Sep 1872 (volume 4a page 301). On the same page appears an Emily Bailes.

Emily's Heritage