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Clifford Donovan Bentley Male

Born: 1893

Comments: Clifford was apparently known by his middle name - Don for short. He bred chrysanthemums for a living (or perhaps this was just a hobby). There is a Bentley trophy which has something to do with chrysanthemum breeding, and I wonder if there might have been some connection. Gladys' uncle Herbert was also involved in horticulture apparently, I think this is probably pure coincidence, but it's nice to think if Clifford and Herbert had met (which they must have done, at the very least both of them attended Vernon's funeral) they would have had something in common to talk about.

There is an entry in the GRO indices for a Clifford Donovan Bentley born in Jul/Aug/Sep 1893 in Leicester (volume 7a page 307).

Clifford's Family

Spouse: Gladys Isabel Hawkins (Married 1917)
Children: Cragie Bentley
There is an entry for thr marriage of Gladys I. Hawkins to a Mr Bentley in the GRO indices for Oct/Nov/Dec 1917 (volume 2b page 1223). In the Bentley section for that quarter a Clifford D. Bentley is listed as having married a Hawkins.

A Mr and Mrs. Bentley were mentioned as son and daughter and law in the article about Vernon's funeral.

The couple were known to have lived in Loughborough at some time, perhaps near to Clifford's birthplace.

Clifford's Heritage