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William Marshall and Wife


Husband:   William Marshall


William's name appears on his daughter Marion's marriage certificate. Here his occupation is entered as Labourer.

A William Marshall appears in the 1871 census living at 51 Ivy Street, Portsea, aged 66 with his place of birth entered as Portsea. His occupation is entered as "Labourer (dock yard)" which fits with the description given on Marion's marriage certificate. Further to this, a visitor is entered as residing in William's househould at the time of the census, one Charlotte Rogers, aged 18, born in Portsea, and with occupation entered as Nurse / Domestic Servant. It is tempting to believe there is some connection with the Charles and Mary Rogers entered as witnesses for John and Marion's marriage. Perhaps Charles and Mary were friends of the family and Charlotte was their daughter.

This match is a bit conjectural, and yet it does seem to fit rather well. Seemingly only one other William Marshall of the right sort of age is living in Portsea at this time one William O Marshall (the O may stand for Orange), whose occupation is entered as "Solicitor and Treasurer to the Corporation of Portsmouth" - pretty far removed from "Labourer"! Looking further afield to the rest of Hampshire, there are only one or two other William Marshalls listed in the 1871 census, and none of these seem to be anywhere near as good a fit. Of course, we have to consider all the usual possibilities - that William may have already died by this time, or perhaps lived elsewhere in the country, or was indexed incorrectly, or perhaps was not included in the census at all for some reason.

Assuming this is the correct William, there is an entry in the IGI indices for the birth of a William Marshall on the 27th March 1805 at Saint Marys, Portsea. His parents are entered as William and Joanna.

Seemingly this same William Marshall and family are to be found in the 1861 census (RG9/ 642/ 81/ page 13) living at 51, Ivy Street, St Pauls, Portsea, Hampshire. Encouragingly, William again has an occupation that fits (bricklayer's labourer), and they appear to have two daughters - Caroline and Mary (which could be Marion). William's wife is one Mary Ann Turl.

(familysearch.org pedigree resource file submission number 988954-0906101090314).




Female  Child 1:   Marion Marshall

Born: 1837
Spouse: John Hawkins
Children: Blanche Isabel Hawkins, Vernon John Charles Hawkins, Harry Frederick Hawkins, Eva Gertrude Hawkins

At the time of her marriage to John in 1863, Marion's age is entered as 27.

At the time of the 1871 census (where she appears to have been entered as "Mary") her age is given as 36, and her place of birth Portsea, Hants.

Her age was recorded as 43 at the time of the 1881 census (3rd April 1881). This would suggest she was born between 4th April 1837 and 3rd April 1838. Her place of birth was entered as Portsea. The place is probably consistent with the 1901 entry, as administrative districts changed around the corner of the century.

Her age was recorded as 54 at the time of the 1891 census.

Marion's age was recorded as being 64 at the time of the 1901 census (31st March 1901) , which would suggest she was born between 1st April 1836 and 31st March 1837. Her place of birth was entered as "Hants Portsmouth".

Of course either or both of these could be wrong, but overall it seems more likely she was born in 1837.

Her surname is taken from her son Vernon and her daughter Eva's birth certificate. Interestingly, on Eva's birth certificate, the mother's name is first written as Mary Ann, and then crossed out, and written again as Marion.