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Dennis Hawkins and Wife


Husband:   Dennis Hawkins

Born: 1910
Father: Vernon John Charles Hawkins
Mother: Mary Jane Hogan

As Dennis was not listed in the 1901 census, it is assumed he was born some time after 31st March 1901, so this date of birth is a bit conjectural. The article about Vernon's funeral seems to list his children in age order, so it would appear Dennis was the youngest son of the family.

Having scoured the GRO indices from 1905 to 1912, there seem to have only been a few Dennis Hawkins born in England during this period, and none of them are a perfect fit. The closest perhaps is a Dennis Charles Hawkins, recorded in the Apr/Jun/Jul 1910 index as having been born in Winchester (volume 2c, page 145).

This same Dennis Charles Hawkins appears in the England and Wales Civil Registration Death Index (Winchester, volume 20, page 2097). Here his date of birth is entered as 10th April 1910, and the death was registered in December 1989.

From talking to his niece Cornelia, it seems Dennis was one of the children who moved to Australia, where he raised a family.




Female  Child 1:   Jacqueline Hawkins



Male  Child 2:   Michael Hawkins