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Horace C. Manders and Muriel Hawkins

Married 1915

There is an entry in the GRO indices for Apr/May/Jun 1915 for a Muriel B. E. Hawkins marrying a Mr. Manders in Portsmouth (volume 2b page 1369 or maybe 1368).

Consulting the Manders section, there is a Horace C. Manders in that quarter marrying a Miss Hawkins in Portsmouth.

Husband:   Horace C. Manders


There is an entry in the GRO indices for Apr/May/Jun 1898 for the birth of a Horace Cyril Manders in Fulham (volume 1a page 229).

There is also an entry in the GRO indices for Jan/Feb/Mar 1883 for a Horace Cragie Manders born in Farnham (volume 2a page 97).

Wife:   Muriel Hawkins

Born: 1894
Father: Vernon John Charles Hawkins
Mother: Mary Jane Hogan

Born on Guernsey. Aged 6 at the time of the 1901 census, so would have been born sometime between 1st April 1894 and 31st March 1895.

In the article about Vernon's (Muriel's father's) funeral it is mentioned that two of his daughters had died before he had. The list of funeral attendees includes a Mrs. Crofton (Blanche), a Mrs. Bentley (Gladys), and a Mrs. Lucas (Phyllis) but no Mrs Manders.  It therefore seems likely that Muriel was one of the two daughters that had died before Vernon.