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Charles Robert Payne and Fanny Ellen Jewell

Married 1893

There is a marriage entry in the GRO indices for Oct/Nov/Dec 1893 (Romsey volume 2c page 169). On that page appears a Fanny Ellen Jewell and a Charles Robert Payne.

Husband:   Charles Robert Payne



Wife:   Fanny Ellen Jewell

Born: 1868
Father: John Jewell
Mother: Elizabeth Wingham

Aged 3 at the time of the 1871 census.

Aged 13 at the time of the 1881 census. Her birthplace is recorded as Awebridge, Hampshire.

This seems very likely to tie in with a birth record for Fanny Ellen Jewell in the GRO indices for Jan/Feb/Mar 1868 (Romsey, volume 2c page 80).