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Summer Solstice

Posted on 2021/07/03 11:09:26 (July 2021).

[Monday 21st June 2021]
Today was the actual summer solstice, but initial ambitious plans to wake up at dawn and go and watch the sunrise didn't materialise, in part knowing I had the drive back to London ahead of me, but also because I could tell from the weather forecast there wouldn't be much to see. It was a 40 minute walk each way from where I was staying to Avebury, so even with a very brief attendance at dawn it was likely to mean a couple of hours of lost sleep, and I decided, boringly, to put safety first, thinking about the drive. I think next year I'll plan to just sleep rough somewhere, and/or go by train.

So this morning I after a reasonable night's sleep I had a cooked breakfast at my lodgings, checked out, and then went out for a bracing stroll on Knap Hill so it didn't seem like a complete waste being here in Wiltshire and having the day off, but somehow I wasn't really in the mood for a longer walk than that.

From there I drove to nearby Marlborough, as I felt in need of a coffee, then after that the long boring drive back to London.

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