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Posted on 2021/02/07 11:26:38 (February 2021).

[Saturday 6th February 2021]
Erika had her (virtual) Japanese school this morning, and I put in a couple of hours work to make up for having finished work early the day before. After that I had another go at sharpening my bushcraft knife, and ended up with cuts on two different fingers. Still not very happy with the edge on the knife though - it's really hard to sharpen a curved blade consistently. I think I've just about got it reasonably sharp on the straight bit nearest the handle, but the "belly" and the tip are proving very difficult to maintain the necessary angle.

Erika made "her" soup for lunch, although on this occasion it seems she assumed the role of executive chef, and other than slicing a bit of courgette I did all the actual worl.

You will no doubt be extremely surprised to learn I walked to the heath after lunch. I made several attempts to persuade Erika to come with me - with offers of Murray Mints, an item of confectionery we have reserved solely for country walks. She wasn't keen though - partly down to the weather, and partly after a week of school and then Japanese school on Saturday morning she just wants to have a rest by the time it gets to Saturday afternoon.

It wasn't particularly pleasant weather in fairness. It was already drizzling as I set out, and after I arrived on the heath the rain became a bit more pronounced, to the point at which I thought I ought to get under cover. I had brought along my cheapo poncho tarp thing, which I sometimes just use to sit on if the benches are wet, but it occurred to me I could take advantage of the opportunity to have a go at setting up a tarp shelter in one of the wooded bits of the heath. It wasn't particularly successful, I had temporarily forgotten how to tie a taut line hitch, but anyway it passed the time and allowed me to stay out a bit longer.

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