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Erika's Birthday

Posted on 2020/09/13 11:11:04 (September 2020).

[Thursday 10th September 2020]
Given the current circumstances we weren't going to have a big birthday party for Erika this year, and as a testament to how grown up she is now, at eight years old, she seemed to completely understand. We'd gone to the Warner Bros Harry Potter studio tour last week as a birthday outing, with just one friend, and also planned to have a couple of friends over tomorrow, but that was essentially it in terms of social gatherings.

To my surprise Erika also said she was happy to wait until she got back from school to open her presents today. I think she wanted to be able to take her time over it, so she just opened her cards in the morning.

After school she had an impromptu trip to a local ice cream shop with a couple of friends from her class, then when she got back she got stuck into her presents. It had been a bit difficult to decide what to get for her this year, because even when we had given up trying to guess and asked her directly a little while back she didn't seem sure. We eventually chose a Nintendo Switch, and when she opened it seemed very pleased with it, so that was good. I was personally delighted to see a Lego Harry Potter Knight Bus (from Uncle Adrian and family), and I look forward to building that with Erika. Also the little Korobokuru costumes, made by Grandma to fit on Champagne corks, with an accompanying story, were very cute.

Finished off the day with calls to Grandma and Grandad and then birthday cake just before bedtime. In a way, for us as parents at least, this was actually a really nice birthday - in the absence of having to plan and manage a big party we actually got to spend more time with Erika.

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