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Coffee Roasting and Hampstead Heath

Posted on 2020/04/05 09:42:36 (April 2020).

[Saturday 4th April 2020]
Predicting that we might run out of coffee at some point, and wanting to keep trips to the shops to a bare minimum, I'd bought some green coffee beans a while back. These seemed like a good idea because they last longer (after roasting the beans will eventually dry out and go stale, but prior to roasting presumably they last for years...?). I'd read that roasting is a smokey process, and best done outside, so thought having a go over my campstove in the garden would make for a fun activity.

I made a video of it:

Peter Hall from Breaky Bottom called while I was out in the garden, which was a nice surprise - I think he'd just wanted to clear up a confusion over some misdirected emails, but we ended up talking for 45 minutes, one of those lovely rambling conversations like we have when I go to visit BB. Sometimes wine, sometimes viticulture, sometimes Hilaire Belloc, sometimes anecdotes from Peter's fascinating life history.

Erika attended a friend's birthday party over Zoom, where they just about managed to play a game of Harry Potter Top Trumps remotely. This partly spanned lunch, so Erika had her lunch sat in front of the laptop while talking to her friends.

We hadn't left home since last weekend, and that had just been a quick walk around the block, so we decided in the early evening we ought to make a concerted effort to get to some green space. By 6pm Hampstead Heath was relatively quiet, it was a warm spring day and under normal circumstances it would have been lovely, but the people dodging and the sense that we might be told off if we lingered too long in any one spot rather marred the experience.

Had a late dinner (pasta with bolognese sauce) when we got home, after which we all seemed to be worn out, so we all went to bed at the same time.

Comment 1

Hi ga nagaku natte kitane!
Otenki mo totemo yoidesne!
Kage ga Tanosii.

Posted by Yoko at 2020/04/06 10:41:48.

Comment 2

How have you been.
Spring has com!!
coffee baisen site nomuno oishiidesyou?
Be careful coronavirus !

Posted by Chikako Moriwaki at 2020/04/08 08:05:35.

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