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Posted on 2020/04/05 09:42:35 (April 2020).

[Friday 3rd April 2020]
Today was Erika's last day of term, so her two weeks of home schooling had come to an end. Slightly daunted at the prospect of 16 consecutive days ahead of us without that bit of structure, and with very limited scope to leave home to help fill the time. Probably best not to think about it, and just take one day at a time.

Had a couple of food deliveries this morning, although a passing ne'er-do-well attempted to run off with one while the delivery driver was going back to the van. The driver valiantly grabbed in back off him, and the miscreant (accompanied by a lady friend who was holding his beer for him so he could pick up the box - it was 11am) made out he thought it was for him, as he lived at number 34. There is no number 34 on our street.

Lunch was some of the vegan schintzels we'd taken delivery of, served on tagliatelle (tossed in butter and parmesan) with the rest of the kale buds from yesterday. I was quite pleased with that as a simple but relatively rounded lunch dish.

For dinner Chie made a Japanese "cream stew" using soy milk and some more of the fake meat from today's delivery.

Took delivery of a box of Heck's Kingston Black cider this afternoon. I'd found myself craving cider the past few days, in the hope it would magically transport me out to the countryside. I spent some of the evening out in the garden attempting to teleport via fermented apple juice. It was a pleasant spring evening and I suppose the Kingston Black did help lift the mood a bit.

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