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New Umbrella and Winter Lights

Posted on 2018/01/28 09:57:36 (January 2018).

[Saturday 27th January 2018]
Played with Erika t home in the morning, built a house out of cushions in the lounge.

Had lunch at home, then I was given some free time in the afternoon while Chie and Erika went off to visit friends. I addressed various items from my TODO list, got my hair cut, went and tried on another tweed suit and bought a new umbrella at James Smith. The previous one had finally broken last week after years of faithful service and neglect on my part (it was a bit rusty on the inside, which presumably contributed to one of the spokes breaking). Also popped into Fortnum and Mason for a flight of Charles Heidsieck.

Met up with Chie and Erika again in the early evening at Canary Wharf, as Chie wanted to see the Winter Lights display there. Unsurprisingly she was unimpressed compared to the recent illuminations we had seen in Japan, but it was something to do. I was reminded how fake and generally awful Canary Wharf, and so glad that unlike certainly other cities with a big finance industry presence how lucky we were in London to have pushed most of this out of the city centre.

While in the area we had dinner at the Canary Wharf branch of Ippudo. Part way through our meal the fire alarm went off and we all had to go and wait outside a bit. I suspect some diners just didn't bother returning. This seems to be a curse of modern buildings that they have overly sensitive fire alarms, the same thing seems to happen at my new office quite a lot.

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